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SAFY is a registered trademark of SAFY BV, a Dutch based start-up, founded in 2019. SAFY offers practical safety games in a safe and 3D-simulated factory environment.


Safety is a boardroom issue and it is thus the responsibility of the directors and management to ensure that it is implemented at all levels of the company. However, it is the employees who are responsible for performing their work as safely as possible in their day-to-day job. Not just for themselves, but also for their colleagues and for the company’s immediate and more distant surroundings or for the location where the work is carried out. SAFY is an interactive form of safety training. Unlike all the other training courses, SAFY allows players to experience situations virtually and also teaches them how to manage everyday situations, procedures, and work activities. It is safe, confronting, and challenging.

Factors such as time, money, habit, and knowledge play an important role in carrying out procedures and work activities in a safe and correct manner, besides the fact that there is a considerable difference between knowing what to do and actually doing it. If you deviate from a procedure once, you risk doing it a second time. However, the more often you deviate from a procedure, the more likely it is that things will go wrong. Resulting in all the associated consequences. SAFY® tests players’ knowledge and skills, shows them what they are supposed to do, allows them to learn from their mistakes, and shows them the potential consequences of their actions.

Meet The Team

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Anamaria loves to create and design safety instructions based on real issues and a sense of humor.



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Our stable bridge between product and partners is Ruud. Always committed to SAFY



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From the boardroom with a strong focus on safety, Remon became an entrepreneur 



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As an evangalist and entrepreneur Ton focus on the awareness of safety 

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