The world’s most innovative safety game

Government policy focuses on making it obligatory for safety certificates. An SCC safety certificate, which is valid for ten years from the date of issue, does not imply any indemnify or guarantee for safe working. Once the certificate has been obtained, the employee has a high level of knowledge during the initial phase. However, the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve explains how this level of knowledge quickly decreases at an exponential rate from then on; even by up to 42% within 20 minutes of learning the information.

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SAFY® introduces the world’s most innovative game containing a multitude of safety situations in which employees (players) are challenged and rewarded. Situations and work activities are shown in virtual factories and other environments which employees can carry out in accordance with the applicable procedures. By combining assignments and confronting players with anomalous situations, employees are continually challenged to use their knowledge and remain alert. The aim is to learn while doing. Without the hazardous conditions of real life and thus without the risks, but with the advantage of practical exercises that are many times more effective than pure theory alone. In addition, the simulation allows for errors to be made and the game lets players experience the consequences of a decision.